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1 PM, 1 UX Designer,

1 Illustrator, 1 Graphic Designer

My Role

Lead in UX Design, 

Design Systems


6 months

(Sep. 2023 - Feb. 2024)


Figma, FigJam,

Illustrator, Miro

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A prominent business financing provider since 2006 sought a digital transformation to align with its mission of empowering businesses.

Acknowledging the evolving financial landscape, they envisioned not just a superficial makeover but a comprehensive revitalization. In response, we embarked on a multifaceted project, encompassing a website redesign, complete rebranding, and the development of a cohesive design system.

previous design

Current Challenges

The challenge arose from the company's outdated website design, lacking uniformity in UI elements and hindering its online effectiveness.

Our challenge encompasses not just the revitalization of the user interface but the complete re-imagination of their brand visual identity. The overarching objective is to instill trust and transparency, while navigating the intricate landscape of diverse business needs. The project extends to optimizing for accessibility, responsiveness, and scalability, ensuring a seamless experience across devices and facilitating their growth in the competitive financial market.


We spent

over 240 hours

to collaboratively discuss and enhance the Design System.

Group 231.png
Group 5742.png

We enhanced components

based on user feedback

to optimize the user experience.


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Secure Your Business.png

Single Source of Truth

Internal design system serves as the definitive reference point for all designers, promoting cohesion and efficiency.

Engineer Adoption

Engineers universally utilize this library for all internal services, ensuring consistency and expediting development processes.

User Benefits

Users enjoy standardized work patterns and authorization systems across internal services, enhancing usability and productivity.

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Style Guide_ Buttons, Font2_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2024-01-16 at 23.40.44.png
Style Guide_ Buttons, Font2_edited.png

Instead of using
a global color


we included different shades depending on the function

WCAG Compliance.png

For this reason, we have ensured

good accessibility

by checking all background and color pairs for compliance.

Style Guide_ Buttons, Font.png

Our design system

covers 95% of use cases,

ensuring comprehensive versatility.

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Button Systems.png
Inputs & Alert.jpg

60+ UI Cards Kit

UI kits_edited.jpg


Looking back on this design system project, I'm impressed by the collaborative effort and attention to detail it demanded.

Engaging with cross-functional teams ensured alignment with user needs and organizational goals. Witnessing its positive impact on workflow efficiency and product consistency was immensely rewarding. Moving forward, I'm eager to see how it evolves to meet user needs and industry trends. This project exemplifies the power of collaboration and user-centered design in creating impactful digital solutions.


Design Speed


Development speed


User Satisfaction

after one month

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