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Floor Source Website Redesign with AR Integration

Streamlining Navigation and Integrating Innovative Technologies for Enhanced Customer Engagement


1 PM, 1 Copywriter, 1 UI/UX Designer

My Role

Lead in UX/UI design,

User Research, Design Systems


12 weeks

(Feb 2024 - Apr 2024)


Figma, Miro, Photoshop, HTML, CSS, WordPress


Established in 2009, Floor Source is a flooring company known for its high-quality, durable products. As the market evolved, their outdated digital presence began to undermine the brand's reputation.

Floor Source planned a comprehensive website redesign to enhance user engagement and incorporate cutting-edge features like AR technology, aligning their online experience with their premium offerings.

previous website

Previous Flooring Website.jpg

Current Challenges

1 / Complex Navigation

Over 40 cluttered subpages caused user confusion and frustration, negatively impacting the navigation experience.

2 / Content Redundancy

Repetitive content across pages diluted important information and hindered effective communication.



To stay at the forefront of the industry, we need a website that delivers a premium experience. It's time for a rebuild.

3 / Technical Performance

Slow load times and lack of mobile optimization created barriers for users, particularly on mobile devices, affecting overall accessibility and user satisfaction.

4/ Outdated Design

The site’s outdated aesthetics and functionality did not reflect the company's high-quality products, potentially deterring modern consumers.

Our Goal

Modernize the interface, streamline navigation, and enhance the overall user experience with AR integration to better reflect the brand's premium offerings.

Using Phone Mock.jpg

We went through a variety of phrases from research to the final design.

Frame 225.jpg
Group 204.png

We streamlined the information architecture to enhance clarity and ease of navigation.


Frame 229.png

repeatedly appeared 5X

Frame 230.png

repeatedly appeared 14X

Frame 231.png

repeatedly appeared 5X

Frame 232.png

repeatedly appeared 5X


Frame 229.png

button moved to nav bar

Frame 230.png

consolidated into 8 pages

Frame 231.png

only appears 2x as needed

Frame 232.png

only appears where it is needed

Before After.png

We implemented an AR visualization tool that allows customers to preview flooring options in their own spaces.

Mobile Floor Mockup.jpg
Group 207.jpg

We developed a comprehensive design system that improved the website's aesthetics and coherence.

Flooring System.png

Content blocks

Content Cards.jpg

We optimized the website for seamless responsiveness across desktop and mobile platforms.

Floor Source Desktop.png
Floor Source Mobile.jpg


As we conclude the Floor Source website redesign, it's essential to reflect on the impact and achievements of this project. This endeavor was not just about enhancing aesthetics but also about significantly improving the user experience and functionality of the site.

Through meticulous planning and execution, we successfully addressed key user pain points and implemented solutions that will drive the company's digital presence forward.


Conversion rate for individual customers


New visitor's bounce rate

after 3 months


Page load times on first visits


Post-launch customer satisfaction

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