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Icon parking
app redesign

Enhancing user experience and design of the Icon Parking app


1 Product Manager, 1 Graphic Designer ,

& 1 UI/UX Designer

My Role

Lead in UX/UI design, User Research


8 weeks (May 2022 to June 2022)


Figma, FigJam, Adobe Photoshop

Background >>>>

The Icon Go App, launched in 2011, is a crucial tool for Icon Parking, providing access to over 200 parking lots in Manhattan.


With a daily average of over 40,000 cars parked using the app, it has become an essential tool for drivers seeking efficient parking solutions in NYC.  However, after years of service, the app faces various challenges that necessitate a research-based redesign to enhance its usability, accessibility, and aesthetics.

current app

Group 29.png


We are seeking a comprehensive app redesign that encompasses a fresh and visually appealing look, along with significant improvements in usability and accessibility.

Usability Challenges >>>>

The current Icon Go App presents usability challenges for users, hindering their ability to navigate the app smoothly and complete tasks efficiently.


Users may encounter difficulties in finding available parking options, selecting desired locations, or making payments. The app's navigation structure, information hierarchy, and interaction patterns may not align with user expectations or industry best practices, resulting in a suboptimal user experience.

Our Goal

Lead a research-based redesign of the Icon Go App, focusing on enhancing usability, improving accessibility, and refreshing the visual design for a modern and visually appealing interface. 

User Research >>>>




Distribution of User Surveys

User Interviews with Existing Users

Usability Testing Sessions  

Through usability testing, interviews, and feedback collection, we identified key pain points and user behaviors.

Users expressed a desire for improvements such as text confirmations for reservations, a streamlined ticket retrieval process, and enhanced button interactions. These research findings provide a clear direction for addressing usability issues and enhancing the overall user experience.


Usability Issue >>>>

Cumbersome Ticket Retrieval Process

Users found the process of obtaining their parking ticket to be cumbersome, requiring multiple steps.

Text Confirmation for Reservation

Users expressed a desire for a text confirmation after reserving a parking spot.

Confusion with Multiple Addresses

Users reported confusion when presented with multiple addresses, leading to difficulty in identifying the correct one.

Difficulty with Button Interactions

Users encountered challenges when clicking on the "back" and "like" buttons within the app.

Challenges Applying Promo Codes

Users expressed frustration with the inability to apply promo codes at the checkout stage.

Desire for Filtering Options

Users desired filtering options for rating and price to narrow down their search for parking lots.

Potential Solution >>>>

Streamlined Ticket Retrieval Process

Implement a QR code scanning feature that allows users to retrieve tickets at the parking lot entrance

Text Confirmation for Reservations

Integrate a real-time push notification system that sends instant confirmation messages to users

Clear Address Information

Provide clear address information, including labels or indicators for different parking locations

Enhanced Button Interactions

Optimize button design, size, and placement to ensure easy and accurate interactions

Easy Promo Code Application

Streamline the promo code application process by simplifying the input fields

Filtering Options

Improve filtering options based on distance and price to enable users to narrow down their search

Information Architecture

In addition to the research insights, we made significant improvements to the information architecture of the Icon Parking app based on user needs.


These enhancements included adding a dedicated QR code button in the menu bar for easy ticket retrieval, a promotion page to showcase ongoing deals and discounts, and integrating a map navigation feature within the "Get Directions" section.






With an unwavering focus on wireframe design, we embarked on a journey to enhance accessibility and elevate the visual appeal of the user interface.


Through meticulous attention to detail, we embarked on a complete redesign of the design system, allowing us to reimagine wireframes from scratch. Our creative process unfolded as we carefully crafted wireframes that embody our vision for a modern and intuitive interface.

Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 12.32.44.png

Redesign & Improvements

Sign In & Registration

When a user signs up for the app for the first time, we aim to provide a comprehensive introduction to the application's benefits and features.





Get Started.png

Find Parking

The 'Find Parking' page serves as the app's primary interface, where users can easily search for and locate available parking spots. By leveraging the search bar's filtering functionality, users can conveniently refine their search results and find their preferred parking locations.





Find Parking - Daily.png

Profile Page

Through the strategic reorganization of the profile page and the addition of a prominent promo button in the menu bar, we aim to enhance the user's ability to quickly and easily access the features they need. These changes will create a more streamlined user experience, allowing users to directly access promotions and other relevant information from the app's main interface.






New Features

Map Navigatio>>>>

By clicking the “GET DIRECTION” button, the map will show real-time traffic information to find the best route to the reserved parking location.

Reservation - Current.png
Parking Ticket.png

Parking Ticket >>>>

Users may access the check-in QR code, reservation time, location, and contact information via the central console on the bottom navigation bar.

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