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XR Studio Final - Reflection

For the final project, I recreated the Stack Game in Unity. In this game, you'll need to click and stack the blocks in exactly the same position as the block underneath. Otherwise, the hangover part will be split and dropped to the bottom. The more blocks you stack, the higher your score.

I started this project by creating a 3D Tetris game. I created separate scripts for :

  • Control rotation

  • Drop without collider

  • Change position

  • Move left & right

However, I got stuck in initiating different Tetris blocks each time and failed to make the game fully functional. In the research process, I found a similar game called "Stack".


Moving Cube

  • Cube direction/speed

  • Cube position


  • Button (click)

Cube Spawner

  • Cube random color

  • Cube hangover

  • Cube split

  • Cube drop

Score Text

  • Each cube score +1

It was enjoyable to work through the bugs, and I learned a lot from the tutorial.

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