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XR STUDIO CLASS 1 - Reflection

As a student in the Design & Development of Digital Games program, I'm excited to join the class XR STUDIO when I found the class focuses on digital fabrication, 2D and 3D design. I registered for the class recently and here's my reflection:

  • What are your goals/fears/aspirations/concerns for this class?

Working as a graphic designer as well as being a game player, I found game design to be an interesting area to explore. I would like to work on technology-infused art and design projects in this class and expand my knowledge and skill in digital fabrication. I have some experience with Rhino 3D and HTML coding, but I have never used Unity in my career. I hope I can learn to use unity through doing projects and apply it to game design.

  • What do you think will be the most challenging?

Making 3D models with programming would be a challenge for me because I've never used Unity before. I believe as long as I take the time to learn and solve problems, I can quickly improve my skills in Unity.

  • What are your suggestions for making a 20+ person project-based class a success?

Group tasks might be an interesting way for cooperative learning. Learning Unity is more about applying in practice and problem solving. Individual learning after the class is also important. I hope that through everyone's cooperation and practice, we can all do a great job in the class.

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